My images are featured on!

My images are featured on the Dehumanizer and Lock Up The Wolves pages on Joe Siegler’s Black Sabbath fan site! His site and the Timeline page are the reason I am such a huge Black Sabbath fan of all eras. The site is also honestly part of the reason I became such an avid musicContinue reading “My images are featured on!”

Weekly Picks (3/13/2020)

Deap Lips – Deap LipsThis is a collaboration between Deap Vally and Flaming Lips that fuses experimental rock with psychedelic pop. Circles Around The Sun – Circles Around The SunInstrumental rock with a psychedelic fusion twist chills you out. This project was started as the prelude music to Grateful Dead concerts? L.A. Takedown – OurContinue reading “Weekly Picks (3/13/2020)”

The Golden Fleece at Rozz Tox (3/12/2020)

Emily and I went to Rozz Tox in Rock Island, IL for the first time yesterday to see The Golden Fleece and Holy Wave. Rozz Tox seems like a nice little hipster bar in downtown Rock Island. I’d estimate that there were a few dozen people at the venue for the show. The Golden Fleece’sContinue reading “The Golden Fleece at Rozz Tox (3/12/2020)”

An Introduction to FLACMAN.RIP

My name is Mike. Today, I’m making my goal of sharing my love, thoughts, insights and analysis of music a reality through this web site. I’m an IT guy that’s proficient with computers. I’ve always held a fascination for technology and what it can do for us. Years ago, I realized that my passion forContinue reading “An Introduction to FLACMAN.RIP”