Weekly Picks (4/10/2020)

Windows 96 – Glass Prism (Single)My favorite electronic/vaporwave artist has a new single! It’s a dreamy banger with a backbeat! The Strokes – The New AbnormalI’ve not listened to much of The Strokes before but this album is great. I love the Mellotron sounding choir on At The Door. Augustus Muller – Machine Learning ExperimentsContinue reading “Weekly Picks (4/10/2020)”

Weekly Picks (3/27/2020)

Daniel Avery and Alessandro Cortini – Illusion Of TimeContemplative and swirling electronic sounds transport you to another realm in its ambience. Sufjan Stevens and Lowell Brams – AporiaElectronic new-age ambience from Sufjan Stevens and his stepfather: Lowell Brams. This might be a good album for meditation. Pearl Jam – GigatonI’m not a big Pearl JamContinue reading “Weekly Picks (3/27/2020)”

Weekly Picks (3/20/2020)

Roger Eno and Brian Eno – Mixing ColoursThe two brothers collaborate on a soothing and calming mix of ambient songs. This is fantastic music for these anxious times. Highly recommended. Moaning – Uneasy LaughterThis is synth heavy new wave/post-punk music. It reminds me of prime Gary Numan and has a bitter and cynical edge inContinue reading “Weekly Picks (3/20/2020)”